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TEST Co - Terra Exploration Solutions and Technologies

is an International Consulting Company with central office based in Austria.

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Environmental and Civil Engineering Geological and Geophysics Services:

  • Geotechnical/geological site characterisation and setting             studies;
  • Landslide and rock slide investigations;
  • Foundation design recommendations;
  • Excavations and shoring;
  • Dewatering systems;
  • Hydrogeology property exploration;
  • Geotechnical instrumentation;
  • Sediment and erosion control;
  • Surface/subsurface drainage;
  • Supervise and lead civil/geotechnical investigation and                design activities;
  • Geotechnical engineering;
  • Construction materials testing and inspection;
  • Exploration for Tunnel construction;
  • Installation and Relocation Services;
  • Rail, Road and Pipeline Operators Services;
  • Geological hazards monitoring;
  • Environmental monitoring services;
  • Gas pockets detection;
  • Earthquake Information Services;